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This Fitbit Reviews are for those people who are interested in buying the Fitbit Wireless Ultra Activity/Sleep Tracker but are undecided
We will show you the benefits of the Fitbit Tracker and how it can help with your fitness , motivating you with real-time activity stats including steps walked, floors climbed and calories burned.

The Fitbit Tracker also has the ability to monitor your sleep patterns and help you sleep better

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Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Tracker will monitor your overall activity showing you the exact steps you take,the calories burnt and distance travelled.The sensitive 3D motion sensor tracks your day down to the details that a pedometer can't.
Fitbit tracks your progress,sets you goals and lets you compete with friends..

The Fitbit keeps monitoring throughout your everyday routine as well as your exercise sessions so you know exactly how close you are to achieving your fitness goals.

Small but powerful, the Fitbit Tracker is lightweight and small enough to wear without interfering with your movement and without anyone knowing.The LED display will give you the motivation to outdo previous days and make the small changes in your routine that can add up to big results.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep is hugely important to well-being and weight loss. With the Fitbit Tracker you can now monitor your sleep pattern showing the total hour slept,movement during sleep and the number of times you woke during the night.
The Tracker is very small and can be wore on the wristband that makes it very wearable as you sleep.
The Fitbit also offers great free online tools that show how your activity measures up over time and keep you motivated.The data entered will be analyzed and used to generate a report.The report is then uploaded to the Fitbit website
The Fitbit Tracker also has a high quality of customer support

Log Workouts

Log workouts, food, water, weight and more with Fitbit’s free iPhone and Android app or on Fitbits mobile website. Plus check your stats while you’re on the go! You can pack even more details into your data by logging individual foods and workouts from your smart phone or computer. Find specific foods in the Fitbits database of over a 100,000 food items, and enter workout specifics from yoga, Pilates, elliptical workouts, boot camp, spinning, kickboxing, and even Wii games. You can also track your weight and other health indicators like blood pressure, glucose, and heart rate

Track Steps              Track your steps and make daily goals

Track Distance         Monitor how many miles per session,daily and in total      

Track Floor Climb   Track how many steps taken up stairs and hills

Clock                         Never lose track of time

Stop Watch               Record times for each session

Automatic Wireless
Upload                      Automatically upload your data whenever your near a PC

You can also track your weight and other health indicators like Blood Pressure,Glucose and Heart Rate                                                        


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